Using Protectakote

How do I apply it?
It can be applied with a brush and roller brush. Spray application is also possible.

What surfaces can I apply it too?
Painted surfaces, some plastics and rubbers, and primed: steel, fiberglass, wood, concrete and galvanized steel. It is essential that all surfaces be properly prepared for a good bond, as specified in the instructions.

Where can I use it?
Pick-ups trucks, 4X4’s, Tough Automotive under coatings, Ship / Trawler decks, Tail lifts, Trailers, Pedestrian Walk ways, Wheelchair and other Ramps, Docks and Pontoons, Bus floors and decks, Train platforms…


How do I get Protectakote off my hands?
Protectakote should be applied with protective gloves! However one can remove wet Protectakote from one’s hands by immediately cleaning with Xylene (Xylol) and then with soap and water. Use moisturizing cream afterwards if hands are dry. Once Protectakote has dried is difficult to remove.

How do I remove Protectakote?
While it is wet it can be removed with Xylene (Xylol). After drying it can only be removed with a strong paint stripper.

How long does it take to dry?
This depends on temperature and humidity. Typically, 2 hrs after the first, the second coat can be applied and then 9 – 24 hrs later Protectakote can be put into light use. Full chemical resistance is achieved in 4 – 7 days. Hot and humid conditions accelerate the cure.

Is Protectakote Toxic?
Dried Protectakote is non-toxic. Liquid Protectakote contains solvent, Xylene (Xylol), and isocyanate. Prevent contact with eyes and skin, do not ingest and avoid inhalation of solvent vapours. Use in a well ventilated area. If spraying Protectakote a mask with approved cartridges must be worn.

What is the minimum temperature can I apply it at?
The colder and drier the conditions the slower the product cures. At 10°C it typically takes 6 –12 hrs for the first coat to become ‘tack free’ to recoat. Protectakote must not be applied below 0°C

General Information

Does it chip and flake?
No, it is completely flexible. It is a polyurethane.

Does it loose its gloss?
Yes, it does in exterior applications. This does not reduce its performance. However gloss is retained in interior applications.

What does Protectakote do?
It provides protection to the painted surface from abrasion, and wear and tear, corrosion and light chemicals. It provides a long lasting non-slip surface that is not abrasive (does not contain grit).

What sort of guarantee does Protectakote have?
Protectakote is guaranteed against defective materials and manufacture. As the many variables of surface preparation, type of substrates and method of application are beyond our control we cannot accept liability for the application. If there is any doubt of adhesion or performance etc. a test patch is recommended.